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North Cyprus is becoming well known for its affordable private healthcare. The private

hospitals are located in the main cities of Kyrenia, Nicosia and Famagusta. This includes Dentistry, Fertility Treatment and Cosmetic Surgery.

In North Cyprus you will find doctors that have trained both in Turkey and in Europe. Most doctors, particularly in the private health sector, speak fluent English.

Many of the hospitals offer a membership system, in which patients can enjoy discounts as well as 24 hour emergency ambulance services.

Furthermore, there are discounts for EXPATs in certain groups such as British Residents Society, which enjoys discounts at Cyprus Life Hospital.

North Cyprus homeowners who own property in our preferred real estate developments, receive up to 20% on most procedures, surgeries and dental work at Near East Hospital, North Cyprus’ newest and largest medical institution.

Some popular Private Hospital Include:

  • Cyprus Life Hospital
  • North Cyprus IVF Center
  • Kolan British Hospital
  • Near East University Hospital

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