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Property investment has been a growing trend worldwide as people have realized the need to be creative with maximizing growth potential of their money. Working with an experience North Cyprus Estate Agency like Coast & Country Homes, you will be guided to the newest investment projects, and hottest deals on the island, as well as given sound, honest advice during your search.

In North Cyprus, this is the ideal time to invest in property either as a Buy-toLet investment property, or Buy-to-Sell. At Coast & Country, during a 1 on 1 consultation, we aim to understand your personal investment goals, whether short term or long term, and guide you toward a property that will provide the maximum ROI for your goals.

Buy to Let

The Letting Potential is proven for 2 main reasons.

Firstly, North Cyprus tourism is booming. It is a beautiful resort island which is lined with stunning Mediterranean beaches as well as amazing culture, ancient archeology, active holidays, Golf Tourism, Surf Tourism and more.

Cyprus is also been stated as in the top 5 safest places to live, and has excellent educational opportunities, including World Class IB Schools and International Universities. Therefore, many foreigners are either renting or purchasing property here to gain residency and raise their young families. Or, they are purchasing or renting property as Professors, or for their children that attend university in North Cyprus. For a list of Educational institutions please click here.

Buy To Sell

North Cyprus benefits from significantly lower price points from that of other Mediterrean destinations, including South Cyprus. With low price points, capital gain is significant in many properties, for the following reasons.

1) Low Price Points

North Cyprus villas, apartments are at a considerable lower cost than that of other Mediterrean holiday destinations, such as France, Spain and South Cyprus. As a less developed country, with truly unspoilt beaches and a unique political position, investors have been flocking to North Cyprus to take advantage of properties as low as 22,000 GBP for the past 10 years. Worry not, although prices have increased, there are still new and resale properties at excellent price points.

2) Advantage to Buying ‘Off Plan’

With the property boom in North Cyprus, property can be purchased ‘Off Plan’, again at even lower price point than the already competitive completed property market. Once can expect to pay about 20% less for an Off Plan property than completed, and enjoy watching the value grow during the construction period!

3) Exceptional Payment Plans

Many reputable and long standing developer offer low deposit, as low as 10%, and payment plans up to 10 years. Furthermore, it is possible to resell your property prior to completing on payment, by essentially “Selling your contract” . Click here to request our FREE LEGAL GUIDE E-BOOK.

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