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When purchasing a property in North Cyprus, it is recommended to hire a solicitor to represent your interests in the purchase. The solicitor’s role in property purchase is as at minimum:

  • Advise you on the property of interest.
  • Verify legality of title deeds, site plans and other documents related to the property purchase
  • Prepare a Contract of Sale
  • Submit an application for your permission to purchase (POP) as a foreigner
  • Submit the Contract of Sale
  • Advises the client on payments necessary such as Stamp Duty, VAT and other possible payments necessary.
  • Provide advice and legal information on rentals should you be buying an investment property.
  • Advise on large scale property investment.
  • Assist with transfer of title deeds process.

Furthermore, if you live abroad, it is recommended that you sign Power of Attorney (POA) to your solicitor so that he or she can act on your behalf as needed. This does not cost anything, and is particularly important should you decide to make your final decision on the property purchase when you arrive back at your home country.
As part of our viewing meetings with our clients, we offer to organize a private free 15 minute consultation with the solicitor to ask any questions you may have.

There are many solicitors in North Cyprus and you are welcome to choose an independent solicitor at your choice. Below is one of our recommended Law Firms which is a UK recognized law firm working in conjunction with Hugh Jones LLP in London.

Sener Law Firm is comprised of Solicitors, Advocates, Conveyances Executives, and Legal Advisors who work as a team to handle all of your legal needs here in Northern Cyprus.

The firm specializes in Real Estate Purchase, Property Rentals, Personal Injury, Criminal Law, and preparing Wills.

Sener Law firm works with Hugh Jones LLP in London, in order to be able to provide expatriate clients with legal service and advice whilst in the TRNC or abroad. They collaborate also with firms globally, in Sweden, Iran, Scandinavia, Russia and Switzerland.

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Web: www.senerlaw.com.
Tel: +90 (392) 816 0323
Tel: +90 (392) 816 0324
Fax: +90 (392) 816 0322
Email: info@ebsener.com

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