New European Style Marketplace and Eatery in Catalkoy


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Sah Marketplace has brought shopping to a new level in North Cyprus! 

Located on the main road of Catalkoy, the outskirts of KYrenia, Sah MArketplace was opened in May 2015 and has certainly raised the bar for other supermarkets on the island, and brought consumers a sense of European shopping pleasure. The largest market yet, Sah is comfortable airconiditioned, plays lovely music, to start off the pleasant shopping experience. 

At the entrance to the market is a besutfil Garden Center, with creative bouquets, lovely plants and a selection of stylish pots and baskets for your new plants. 

The fresh fruit and vegetable section is nicely displayed, and has local and imported fruit. Furthermore, there are several organic vegetable options brought from the organic farms in Yesilmak. 

Kibet Meat (hillal) offers everything beautifully displayed from lamb chops to aged dry steak. The cheese section always have trials on offer of some of the most decadent cheeses. 

The Wine section is a besutifully built wooden msasterpiece, with wines from Italy, France, Chile, Turkey and beyond. It is the largesst selection of wines availabile, including organic wine as well! There are always wine "specials" with a description of the wine you are buying. 

There is a wonderful fresh food section, with everything from a selection of olives and fresh mozzerella from Italy, to a plethora of freshly bakedd breads made from organic flour. Finally, their prepared meals to eat in their indoor or outdoor dining areas, or pack up to take home, are fabulous and range from grilled fish to chicken curry with tons of side dishes to choose from, and a large salad and soup bar to boot! 

Whether you are after a unique gift or plant for a dinner party, regular shopping, fresh dinner to bring home or some unusual European beers, Sah Marketplace is the place to visit!