Tis the Season for Guzelyurt Farmers Market!


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There is no better time than October to visit one of the largest Farmer's Markets on the island - in Guzelyurt - home of the citrus fields. Guzelyurt is the 4th largest village in North Cyprus, and abounds in miles of citrus groves along the seaside.

It has a large city center bustling with shops, cafes, and restaurants in its small windy street. Favorite stops in the city are Mardo Icecream and Cafe, the Addidas shop, and the Altinbas Jewelry Shop for stunning gold pieces.

There is so much to see in and beyond Guzelyurt, but that for another blog! 

Farmer's Market - Every Satruday starting early until about 1pm, one can stop at the Farmer's Market located in the center of Guzelyurt, near the Museum of Archeology for a treat of the senses!

Everything from fresh local fish to slections of nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruit and vegetables, and even toys and clothes can be found at the market. 

During your shopping trip, you can sit at the cafe and try a traditional Turkish coffee and Simit (local baked bread), or take a stroll after into the center of town busy with shops and restaurants. 

Farmer's Market is Held Every Saturday from 7am - 1pm