Strawberry Season in North Cyprus!


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Its that time of year that folks flock to the beautiful West Coast region of North Cyprus, Morphou Bay, to enjoy a sunny day of organic strawberry picking!

Adults and kids alike enjoy this time of year, and can choose from about 20 different spots along the main road from Guzelyurt to Yesilimak, to find huge feilds of ripe, red strawberries for picking. Normally, a large bucket costs only 20 Turkish Lira, and you fill it up! 

Along the route, you can enjoy a stop at the many beaches, lunch at Joya Bar and Bistro at Aphrodite Beachfront Resort in Gaziveren, a lovely mountain walk in Yesilmak, the stunning views from Vouni Palace ruins, and much more. Don't forget to stop at the famous Argonia Bakery and Tourism Shop for fresh local baked goods and folk art. Its a day trip or weekend worth organizing! 

For information on beachfront rentals in the area, contact us at info@cypruscoastandcountry.com.