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Latest news from North Cyprus!

Strawberry Season in North Cyprus!


Its that time of year that folks flock to the beautiful West Coast region of North Cyprus, Morphou Bay, to enjoy a sunny day of organic strawberry picking! Adults and kids alike enjoy this time of year, and can choose from about 20 different spots along the main road from Guzelyurt to Yesilimak, to find huge feilds of ripe, red strawberries for...

New Bypass, University and Shops Opened in Guzelyurt!


2016 was a great year for Guzelyurt, North Cyprus's 4th largest villages. And it is continueing in 2017 to increase in infrastructure, convenience and investment. The new bypass from Guzelyurt to Lefke is complete, further reducing the drive time from Kyrenia / Nicosia to the area, and reducing the amount of cars on the road.  The...

New European Style Marketplace and Eatery in Catalkoy


Sah Marketplace has brought shopping to a new level in North Cyprus!  Located on the main road of Catalkoy, the outskirts of KYrenia, Sah MArketplace was opened in May 2015 and has certainly raised the bar for other supermarkets on the island, and brought consumers a sense of European shopping pleasure. The largest market yet, Sah is...

Tis the Season for Guzelyurt Farmers Market!


There is no better time than October to visit one of the largest Farmer's Markets on the island - in Guzelyurt - home of the citrus fields. Guzelyurt is the 4th largest village in North Cyprus, and abounds in miles of citrus groves along the seaside. It has a large city center bustling with shops, cafes, and restaurants in its small windy...